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Founded: 2017 Category: Business Software City: Espoo

PrompterAI is an AI-powered virtual assistant for salespeople, entrepreneurs, execs and other busy professionals. How much time do you spend time digging up information from all kinds of online sources like LinkedIn and news, and internal tools like email, CRM and Slack? Why not automate all that away. PrompterAI automatically monitors hundreds of online sources and all your internal tools, figures out what information you need each day, and compiles everything into a bite-sized briefing package. As a result, every morning you receive a briefing package either via email or Slack, containing things like LinkedIn profiles and news for people you're about to meet, earlier conversations and notes regarding your meetings, reminders for missing follow-ups and unanswered emails. You can find an example from In short, it saves you a ton of time from manually digging all that information from multiple sources, and you don't need to worry about important things falling through the cracks. It's kind of like having your own executive assistant, always briefing you for the coming day. The best part? Getting started takes only a few seconds. There are no settings to configure, content to upload or integrations to build. Just one click, and the next morning you'll wake up with a briefing package in your inbox. Learn more about us and get started at


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