10th Muse

Founded: 2019 Category: Consumer Software & Apps City: Helsinki

Deceased 2022-06-20

Hello from Helsinki, Finland! We are a passionate and diverse team working on a gamified app for adult romance readers, led by a game designer and TED Talk speaker Karoliina Korppoo, and backed up by Icebreaker VC and angel investors from companies such as Rovio, Next Games and Supercell. We are on a mission to make highly engaging mobile products that a modern female & LGBTQ+ audience actually needs and wants. More about our team and mission: https://www.sanastories.com/about-us Sana Stories - Interactive romance stories where you choose what happens! Our first product Sana Stories is a mobile reading app and self-publishing platform for interactive romantic books. Want to learn more about Sana? Download & read more here: https://www.sanastories.com/ Interested in how the Writing Tool and publishing works? More info here: https://www.sanastories.com/for-writers



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