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Founded: 2013 Category: Medical and Healthcare City: Turku

Abomics Ltd is an expert company that promotes the application of medical research to patient care. The focus is on genetic as well as the efficacy and safety of medicinal products associated with utilization of new knowledge. The company was founded in 2013, and the office is located in Turku Science Park in the premises. Abomics Oy employs various special disciplines: genetics, genetics, molecular medicine, medical information technology and software development. Processing and interpretation of the results of genetic tests is knowledge-intensive activities, which already has a real demand both within the borders of Finland and the international market. Health care is generally identified as a problem between the drugs efficacy and safety of variation in individuals. Exploitation of genome information in health care allows the individual to inherit according to a tailor-made care package. The person tailored and individualized therapy is proven to be safer and more efficient. In addition, the public sector have a significant savings, for example. through the reduction of adverse effects of medicines. It is essential to provide the best possible tools of genome data utilization in health care. Abomics working on a complex genome data into a format that anyone, whether a physician or an ordinary citizen, understands and is able to read it. Because the genome is every human being personal and unchangeable, knowledge can and should be used as a preventive measure. When the genomic information used in the selection of treatment the whole decision support, provide the best outcomes for patients. Abomics is two years developing tools for decision support for health professionals. These tools include the individual drugs, genetic variation already taken into account in the selection of a preventive drug therapy becomes possible. In addition, the company has two services for the consumer, my medicine and Geenitaltio , the purpose of which is to bring genome information available to everyone, easy to understand format. Abomics has evolved over half a decade into a significant player in the sector with a broad network of partners to cover a number of EU countries, and can reach up to Japan. The idea for the establishment of Abomicsin began when two old friends in tennis, Jari Forsström and Klaus Elenius, discussed the tennis hall in the sauna on the future of health care. Both were sure that the patient's own genome and genetic testing is going to be the cornerstone of future individualized treatment. Scientific research in medical genomics knowledge of the benefits already had strong evidence, but in practical applications were few and far between. As long as the health professionals did not have available valid tools to exploit genome information, the case would not progress. So they decided to set up a business in this widely recognized to solve the problem. Abomicsin The basic idea is to bring information based on solid scientific evidence, understandable way for the doctor than the patient.



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