Founded: 2018 City: Oulu

Deceased 2022-10-09

AISpotter is a cloud-based video analysis and highlight production service powered by AI. By combining state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision in a unique way, we achieved a breakthrough in video analysis. Our AI models make it possible to automatically analyze any live and pre-recorded video, locate desired events, generate video highlights, and combine them with various data. Our technology helps: • sports clubs and teams get greater insights into their performances, training processes, and competition, and as a whole move from predictive to prescriptive analysis. • streaming and broadcasting companies scale their video streaming production capabilities using their current resources while keeping full control over the process. • other companies automate their business processes, analyze massive amounts of video and other data, and detect desired events through customized computer vision algorithms. We’re a fast-growing startup located in Oulu, Finland.


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