Altum Technologies

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Founded: 2016 Category: Cleantech City: Helsinki

Fouling costs several billions of euros every year and Altum can solve these issues. With Altum's unique approach: - You won't have production downtime - You will be more energy efficient - You don't need to use chemicals for cleaning - You will minimize maintenance - You will increase health and safety - You will act more sustainable Altum is the only company in the world who can completely control Power Ultrasound to make fouling disappear once and for all without stopping production. This is done by externally applying the system to any liquid carrying equipment (heat exchangers, pipes, tanks, cooling towers, filters, reactors, etc.) without the need to do any changes to them. Their externally installed power ultrasound solution is capable to clean almost any dirt, like biofouling, mineral scaling, chemical fouling. There are numerous different cases in which their power ultrasound solution (patent pending) can help.


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