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Founded: 2011 Category: Business Software City: Espoo

We provide tailored voice and messaging solutions for communication between business and its customers. We achieve this by using a set of public APIs for adding SMS and Voice features in software applications. These APIs are connected directly to 120 carrier networks in 46 countries. Because of our connections and resources, we can connect any company to its customers across the world. By creating custom software solutions for businesses, we allow them to connect with their customers on a more personal level. For a customer, it doesn’t get more personal than receiving a phone call from a beloved brand or company. Knowing this, we help businesses to automate this process by using pre-recorded messages. These messages are then distributed on a scale to reach the entire customer base. They can be just messages, or they can be interactive, asking for customer’s feedback, which is very valuable for business improvement. Automated calls can be beneficial for any industry. For, example, you can use it as a first stage filter to find the best candidates for a job position as an HR agency. You can use it to introduce your customers about the latest promotion deals, newest products or any other changes in your company. Most importantly get feedback from the customers themselves! These are just a few use cases which can become a reality with our custom tailored solutions. Only Voice Messages, only SMS can be used or even both for the same campaign, there are no limits. Connect with your customers and attract new ones by using Voice, SMS and Social Media Messaging. If you want to see how we help real businesses grow and about new solutions which we can provide for Your business, be sure to follow our LinkedIn page to be informed about our latest updates.



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