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Founded: 2018 Category: Energy Technology City: Tampere

Battery Intelligence Oy has developed cloud based ”Battery Intelligence as a Service” solution to monitor and manage Industrial Batteries. It is an IOT solution with integrated “Big Data” analytics in the cloud that provides the battery intelligence to our customers in the utility sector, for example logistics operator using electric forklift trucks. The RETROFIT "Bamomas"​ (TM) solution consist of our own cheap IOT sensor device with embedded wireless connection (only Voltage, Current, Temperature and Electrolyte - if needed) that sends the data to cloud computing platform that stores both the data and provides the battery intelligence to our customers. Notably, our solution can also use existing battery data without the dedicated sensor. The intelligence our solution provides ranges from simple battery level usage data (like State or Charge history) to periodic fleet level energy usage profiles. Contrary to many competing solution our cloud based approach allows us freely combine data (anonymously if needed) from all kinds of customers, like users with very distributed fleets (like shop chains with few electric utility vehicles/site) or from customers with large fleets in one site or in few sites.


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