Beat2Phone by VitalSignum

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Founded: 2015 Category: HealthTech City: Helsinki

The company VitalSignum Oy is based in Helsinki, Finland and was founded in 2015 by a team of top medical and health tech experts from Finland. VitalSignum Oy develops and provides simple, reliable, and easy-to-use mobile health monitoring solutions and services. The company focuses on offering ECG remote monitoring solutions for detecting heart arrhythmia. Vitalsignum Oy has developed Beat2Phone ECG, a wearable medical grade ECG solution that can be worn around the clock and is designed for both individuals and healthcare professionals. Beat2Phone ECG is an ideal device for primary care clinicians, cardiologists, neurologists and elderly home care professionals. Beat2Phone ECG enables a better preventive monitoring and observation of cardiac symptoms leading to cost and time savings in the healthcare and a healthier life for the patients. Beat2Phone ECG consists of a reliable and easy-to-use wearable electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor placed on the chest and connected to a phone app with a cloud analytics service for fast, cost-effective screening of heart problems. Beat2Phone ECG can be comfortably worn by the patient for as long as the symptoms reappear. The system has been designed to be maximally automatic to save the health professionals’ valuable time and effort.


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