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Founded: 2020 City: Jyväskylä

Co-founders: Andrei Costin and Vadim Bogulean. "Cybersecurity from 0 to 1. Uncompromised."​ Mission: Binaré's first and foremost mission now is to help secure the billions of IoT devices before they get updated with vulnerable firmware binaries and before hackers exploit firmware vulnerabilities. Why? Implementing cybersecurity for IoT devices is difficult. With constant business demands for more features and faster release schedules, it’s only getting worse. Finding an automated approach to manage your device’s firmware vulnerabilities is essential. Whether you manufacture the device, use it in your organization, integrate it into a larger solution offering, or do pentest/certification/audit services, Binaré is here to help. What? Binaré offers a cloud based service (with add-on professional services) that are easy to use and accessible to any organization. Who? Binaré emerges from a decade of lab R&D efforts and is co-founded by visionaries behind the first and original idea of "automated firmware analysis"​ and "Firmware Analysis-as-a-Service (FAAS)"​. Call-to-action: Ready to see how Binaré can help you easily lower costs while reducing IoT security risks? Stay in touch with us and get your FREE Trial for IoT Firmware Analysis and Monitoring platform at


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