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Founded: 2014 Category: Business Software City: Helsinki

Every business, no matter what the size, lives from sales. Yet selling is an art mastered by few, while others struggle. There are many approaches aiming at sales acceleration, but the story is always the same. Lots of stick and little carrot. List more leads, add more opportunities, make more calls and visit more clients - and you will sell more. Why don´t we talk about selling smarter? How do we make the most out of the same amount of opportunities? The unlocked potential is in the human interaction. This is where Bizmind kicks in! Bizmind combines decades of industry experience, state-of-the-art sales tools and human psychology and turns them into a new social frequency tuner for salespeople. Bizmind is here to improve what matters most: your customer-contact chemistry. It helps you to fine-tune your social approach and message to match the social style of the counterpart. You will connect more effectively with different customer types – and close more deals. There’s more than 10 years of technological development behind the Bizmind Engine, incl. psychological assessments, sales software and many other entities. Bizmind LTD consists of a multidiscipline team of psychometrics-oriented psychologists, successful serial entrepreneurs, practical economists, business-oriented engineers, heavy-lifting coders plus sales and marketing professionals with proven track records. We have raised funds from both private and public investors. We hail from Helsinki. Bizmind is, however, a work in progress. We are currently looking for few charter customers for mutually beneficial co-creation.


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