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Founded: 2013 Category: SaaS/Other Business Software City: Helsinki

We believe that all business is fundamentally based on human to human interactions, whatever your industry and whether you are in B2B or B2C business. Companies nowadays have a good grasp of numeric figures about their business: sales volumes, hit rates, promoter scores and so on. What they are missing is the data and insight on human interactions: emotions, motivations, needs and fears. This information is much harder to identify, collect, analyze and exploit than technical figures. However, mastering this data is crucial for your future business. We take the processing of soft, emotion-based data into large scale in an automated process, resulting in insights, actions and practices that enable your entire personnel to do better in their customer interactions, whether they are in sales, customer service, field service or project work. WheelQ is a cloud-based SaaS software that is quick to deploy, easy to use with an intuitive dashboard and doesn’t take long to integrate into everyday work. The software is based on world-leading machine learning and AI technologies as well as advanced text and speech analysis.



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