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Founded: 2017 City: Oulu

We provide the AI tools for the analysis of brain function in intensive care. CERENION C-TREND™ offers the first truly objective and practical method to obtain reliable information on the condition and function of the brain. The clinically validated measure can be integrated into EEG-measurement devices and patient monitors as a software feature. CERENION C-TREND™ is a medical-grade software solution that works by combining standard EEG-measurement with advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. The result is a simple index that measures the condition and function of the brain on a scale from 0 to 100. The technology has the potential of improving both the quality and the cost of intensive care. Note: This website and all of the content therein is for reference purposes only and is not intended to substitute for advice from a licensed healthcare professional. Under no circumstances shall the information on this website be construed as an advertisement of any commercially available product. Cerenion™, Cerenion C-Trend™, C-Trend™ and "The pulse of the brain"™ are trademarks of Cerenion Oy. Cerenion technology is covered by Intellectual Property Rights. Patents pending worldwide. All rights reserved. © Cerenion Oy 2017.



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