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483. (+186) 252 61 31.98 % 2739534-8

Founded: 2016 Category: Industrial Equipment City: Espoo

CH-Bioforce offers the best biomass fractionation technology in the world. With our novel and innovative approach to fractionating biomass, we are able to provide a new feedstock source for the chemical industry. We can convert all biomass components into high-value material streams and replace fossil and food-based raw materials in areas such as textiles and packaging applications. The technology developed by CH-Bioforce can fractionate biomass into its three main constituents: cellulose, sulphur-free lignin and hemicellulose. This enables us to provide bio-based materials that can be refined with all kinds of industries in mind. CH-Bioforce offers a tailor-made technology that caters for industrial production structures on a medium and large scale. Our deep understanding of fundamental biomass chemistry allows us to provide high-end bio-based materials that are cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. The company was founded in 2016. Extensive collaboration and networking spanning academia and industry enables us to create state-of-the-art technologies.


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