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Founded: 2012 Category: Industrial Equipment City: Espoo

Convion offers a solution for ultra-clean and efficient power generation in small scale by fuel cells. Solid oxide fuel cell technology at the heart of Convion systems provides the highest efficiency conversion of fuel to electricity. The technology is particularly suited for distributed power generation as its performance is independent of scale. Convion fuel cell systems are continuously operating, modular power generators, which can flexibly use natural gas or biogas as a fuel and are able to operate parallel to the power grid or independently from it. Modular, autonomous co-generation systems operating close to where energy is consumed are building blocks of smart, diverse and resilient energy infrastructure. Convion is a technology leader in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems with unparalleled track record in large, fuel flexible SOFC power plants. With a history extending to year 2000, the team has built technological foundations for efficient, robust and easily scalable, yet uncompromizing SOFC systems. Convion's first product is ready for pilot installations.


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