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Founded: 2015 Category: Medical and Healthcare City: Helsinki

DiagFactor Oy is the first Finnish digital Genome Health House - one service shop health tech company - that provides personalized wellness interventions with DNA-tests, genetic counselling, genetic interpretation, corporate wellness and medical education for consumers, corporations, biobanks, local pharma companies and healthcare professionals in private sector. Today, we are among the forerunner companies to build direct to consumers (DTC) genomics driven wellness: We provide personalized wellness & health platforms: consumer DNA-tests and genetic counselling communication via online chatting & video calls. Thus, we help our customers - corporate employees & consumers - to understand and transform their genomic data into informed wellbeing & health decisions. Supportive corporate wellness days, MentalFactor wellbeing programs and online tools help people carry out micro changes in their daily life, and thereby empower daily mental wellbeing, recovery, nutrition and fitness. In addition, we provide pharmacogenetic interpretation services for private healthcare providers. For local big pharma companies, genomic health education services are offered to help their key customers - physicians - understand and make use of patients'‚Äč genomic data in their relevant healthcare decisions. Our promise is: Personalized Health and Wellbeing through Genomic Information



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