Eevia Health

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Founded: 2017 Category: Wellness, Fitness & Sports City: Seinäjoki

Eevia Health is the producer of 100% organic natural extracts from plants growing in the pristine wild Finnish forests of the Arctic Circle. All wild raw materials such as lingonberry, bilberry, chaga and pine bark are hand-picked and carefully processed into highest-quality, standardised extracts in Eevia’s own production facilities in Finland. These extremely potent ingredients are a perfect fit in dietary supplements, functional beverages and superfoods, to support healthier and happier lives. Short value chain controlled by Eevia together with organic certification gives assurance of the origin, authenticity and traceability. Eevia Health holds the Euroleaf organic certification, making Eevia’s entire product portfolio of wild Arctic plant ingredients organic-certified. Health is never compromised, as Eevia’s organic certified Arctic plant extracts contain extremely high and standardized amounts of active nutrients such as polyphenols, flavonoids, antioxidants and beta-glucans. The increasing science is suggesting that these components may contribute to stronger immunity, reduced inflammation, healthier heart and improved metabolism. Eevia is continuously exploring new things that Arctic nature can offer, and further researching how their products can contribute to healthier lives. Eevia Health is committed solely to natural and organic Arctic ingredients and to a stringent focus on sustainability.


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