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Founded: 2015 Category: Business Software City: Turku

Etsimo offers a healthcare platform that leverages AI and machine learning on top of health data, making it possible for healthcare providers and insurance companies to instantly offer their customers an engaging experience and predictive and preventive healthcare through existing and future digital channels. Etsimo enables consumers to perform physical and mental health care need self-assessments, and can determine the consumer’s 1) condition, 2) care-need and urgency, and 3) put them on the right care path. By combining the consumer’s health data with lifestyle data, Etsimo can predict the consumer’s lifespan and suggest improvements that can both prolong the customer’s life and decrease the amount of ailing years at the end. The goal is to nudge the customer’s behavior towards a healthier lifestyle, delaying or preventing the onset of chronic diseases. By enabling consumer services for predictive interventions, we can reduce the need to treat sick people and instead focus on keeping people healthy. Etsimo was founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2016 by a highly qualified multi-disciplinary team of university-grade AI and machine learning experts, seasoned entrepreneurs and very skilled doctors. Etsimo is the market leader in Finland and works closely with the Finnish Medical Society to create engaging, state-of-the-art solutions for healthcare. On top of Etsimo’s platform, Etsimo’s clients can implement digital solutions that fit directly into their service design, effectively making them an AI-driven digital business in an instant.


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