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Founded: 2014 Category: Wellness, Fitness & Sports City: Jyväskylä

Fibion is the most accurate everyday activity tracker in the world and the first professional analysis tool focusing on improving people's everyday sitting habits to fight against weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Fibion, the flagship product of Fibion Inc. (, is a unique product with superlatives and an excellent team to back it up. Our analysis product, which can report different types of smallest activity and their energy expenditure with almost perfect accuracy, does inspire imagination. We have the most accurate activity tracker in the world, but we are only in the beginning to take the full advantage of the collected data and the possibilities in applications. Leading to the Fibion innovation, Dr Tikkanen was awarded Honourable Mention in the European Athletics Innovation Awards, the 2nd place in Kasvu Open startup competition, and the 1st place in "Fly Your Idea"​ innovation competition. The Fibion research has produced two PhD degrees, Dr Tikkanen in 2014 and Dr Pesola in 2016, with ground-breaking findings about sitting and sedentary lifestyle. Since 2016, Fibion has been a finished product that can be used by a huge variety of health, fitness, and corporate wellness professionals, physiotherapists, and researchers in their respective fields as the best available easy-to-use tool to measure sitting and long-term physical activity at home, outside of clinical settings. Yet, being one-of-a-kind new offering, Fibion will need a lot of marketing and sales effort to become more available and known. This is where we need international investors, distributors, and resellers to work with us. Please, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about Fibion and the new business opportunities our innovation can offer!


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