Aiforia Technologies

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136. (-32) 524 -102 -16.25 % 2534910-2

Founded: 2013 Category: Medical and Healthcare City: Helsinki

Aiforia Technologies was founded as a spin-off company from the Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine (FIMM) at the University of Helsinki in 2013 by researchers and pioneers in the field of cloud-based microscopy and pathology, and experienced life science entrepreneurs. The Aiforia Platform is a first-in-class, versatile cloud-based platform that increases the speed, accuracy and consistency of analyzing large and complex medical images across a variety of fields. The precise and robust technology, based on deep-learning AI helps solve some of today’s most complex image analysis problems facing researchers, pathologists, radiologists, clinicians and other healthcare professionals. Aiforia assists with the increased demand for image-based diagnostics by providing efficient and scalable solutions – enabling new discoveries, clinical support and highly accurate and consistent data. To learn more, please visit


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