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Founded: 2010 Category: Business Software City: Tampere

Flockler platform enables brands to collate, analyse and display user-generated social content on their services, increasing conversion rates and dwell time. Flockler is trusted by likes of Penguin Books, Royal Mail, Visit Britain, and UEFA. 30-day free trial on all plans and monthly subscription fees starting from 49€ / month. Key benefits: - Easy to curate UGC reaching consumers in the early phase of purchasing cycle and driving traffic to product pages - An uplift in conversions by 20-30 % when social posts are used as product testimonials and displayed at the moment of purchase on checkout or product pages - Social data and the insights provided by the platform help you to create more targeted and personalised content assets increasing the conversion rate of your social advertising - Optimised user experience on all devices increasing the conversion rates of the content - There are no restrictions on the look & feel and display of content. Flockler creates a default look & feel without any development work, but your developers can create a fully customised style - Categorisations and metadata such as tags help you to create tailored and personalised content experiences. For example, you could display content with a particular tag to clients who have visited a certain page earlier - Full SaaS solution and support provided by Flockler enabling customers to lower technology costs and reallocate that budget to marketing and sales activities.



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