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Founded: 2017 Category: Consumer Software & Apps City: Helsinki

A Pain in the Assets: Solved Image display is dictated by channel and screen size, so pictures get messed up and don't display properly on the web. It’s become impossible to make pictures fit every platform and device. We’ve lost our freedom to choose how we tell our visual stories. And getting it wrong can cost views, engagement, sales… and maybe your reputation. Enter Image Display Control, or IDC. IDC makes images smart and capable of adopting to any container and screen, no matter where they are used. Frameright combines your human touch with a unique AI specially developed to help you with creative decisions. The power of IDC is that all image display instructions get saved in the metadata of a single file! That means you don’t need to create multiple file versions to fit each place where your images appear. Instead, you have a “wardrobe” of image options conveniently arranged in just one file. However you use images - as a creator, publisher or businessperson - Frameright makes it easy to make them look great across all platforms.


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