Geyser Batteries

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Founded: 2018 Category: Clean & Green Technology City: Mikkeli

Geyser Batteries Oy develops and manufactures novel high-power ultra-durable batteries capable of withstanding millions of cycles of ultra-fast (seconds) charge and discharge. This novel type of batteries is environmentally safe in production, use and disposal and requires zero maintenance. It is fire safe and works even at -60C. Geyser batteries’ products are ideally suited for all applications where fast and efficient charging is critical, as well as the tasks where reliability and safety are your prime concerns. Those include hybrid powertrains, power grid stabilization, fast-response energy storage, etc. We are always interested to hear from: - talented electrochemists that get excited about learning from industry veterans while developing further a truly unique electrochemical system (there is still a lot to discover and a lot to win for you as a scientist!), - smart and inventive sales engineers with great understanding of the electrification trends and relevant systems, with a good grasp of present challenges in energy storage and power sources. Just shoot your CV to and let us know what you want to do for the company.


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