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128. (-3) 451 -9 -1.95 % 2693292-2

Founded: 2015 Category: SaaS/Business Software City: Pori

In order to use big data in complex decision making, such as investing in companies, infrastructure or education, we have to apply AI and natural language processing. Headai is developing General Semantic AI to enable secure, explainable and predictive decision making for labour markets, investment markets, education and training. Our current customers are e.g. governments & ministries, investment funds, global organizations, universities, educational institutes, corporates and private companies. Headai's tech helps our clients making transparent and explainable decisions in national, regional, company or individual level, in any language. Most NLP is done with deep learning networks. That makes such applications narrow, dependent on training sets, and so disables secure and transparent decision making. Headai goes beyond those limits by bringing together the strengths of self-organized learning, reinforcement learning and cognitive sciences. Everything 100% Headai's IP.



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