Founded: 2014 Category: Wellness, Fitness & Sports City: Espoo

Deceased 2020-11-14

No distraction, just discussion – The most simple discussion forum solution. Heimo’s solution is a modern discussion forum of social media era. We have created a simple, beautiful and user friendly online forum, where the focus is on the discussion flow and mobile usage. It’s the discussion forum of this century, that does not remind at all the old fashioned legacy discussion boards. See how it works in Japan, Finland and South-East Asia : Heimo.co is an online community where peers help each other. Anyone can find someone who has gone through the same challenges in their life. The best helper is the one who has solved the same problems. Nothing is more meaningful than compassion and empathy. Heimoは安心して自分の悩みを話せる 唯一のオンラインコミュニティです。 暖かくて優しい気持ちの仲間がいます。



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