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552. (+52) 203 21 11.57 % 2631894-9

Founded: 2014 Category: Hardware & Devices City: Helsinki

Hublet is a Finnish innovation that enables digital services in different segment areas such as libraries, hospitals, senior homes, restaurants and science centers. We are available in 25 countries from US to Australia. Hublet Solution contains a user- friendly cloud-based Hublet Manager -management software, Hublet Tablets and Hublet Smart Docking Station. You can choose Hublet Solution with six or three Hublet Tablets. Hublet is a customized learning tool, communication device and entertainment center in the same package; an innovative, shared tablet solution that ensures easy, private and safe access to the digital world. Hublet is now providing a safer and hygienic solution with a self-disinfecting coating on Hublet Tablets and Hublet Smart Docking Station. #HubletSolution


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