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Founded: 2019 Category: Food & Beverage Technology City: Helsinki

An award-winning AgriTech development company, iFarm creates innovative, data-driven vertical farming solutions. Our proprietary tech, indoor farm management Growtune software and wraparound services maximise technological efficiency, optimise yields and increase farm productivity. Working with indoor farms ranging from 50 – 5,000m2, our vertical farm solutions provide all the equipment required to launch the first growth cycle: - iFarm Leafy Greens - iFarm Berries - iFarm Veggies Designed to reduce labour, simplify farm management and guarantee outputs, iFarm Growtune acts as a vertical farm ‘control centre’ via a range of cutting-edge features, including: - 200+ ‘plant growth recipes’ - Order Management module - Farm Capacity Management module - Production Monitoring and Checklists module - Computer vision (CV) plant monitoring - AI-driven growth assessments - Online support from iFarm agronomists At iFarm, we empower entrepreneurs, businesses and investors to access the ultra-fresh food market and generate revenue from controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Combined with additional iFarm services, such as consultancy and farm design, we provide turnkey solutions for vertical farm start-ups and existing urban farms. Launched in 2017, iFarm is committed to increasing global food security by making local food production viable worldwide. Tackling some of the biggest environmental challenges, including water shortages, land use and weather-dependence, vertical farming presents an unrivalled opportunity to re-build the food production industry and ensure every global citizen has access to great-tasting, pesticide-free, healthy food. At our iFarm laboratories, we’re continually developing and enhancing solutions to increase automation, reduce operating costs and maximise technology efficiency. In doing so, we’re making vertical farming more accessible, sustainable and profitable. Want to learn more? Contact iFarm now.



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