INARI Arctic Cosmetics

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Founded: 2018 City: Venejärvenkylä

INARI Arctic Cosmetics is the first premium arctic beauty brand – a Finnish-German startup brings eco-luxe skincare into international cosmetic markets. INARI Arctic Beauty is an organic beauty brand inspired by the purity and strength of the Arctic nature. INARI Arctic Beauty is clean and natural. All products contain a unique blend of six plants that grow in the Lapland region of Finland, near the Arctic Circle. The native plants and berries that grow in the extreme climatic conditions of the Arctic Circle are packed with highly concentrated nutrients and vitamins. INARI Arctic Beauty’s face care products combine the essence of these Arctic plants with luxurious textures to hydrate and nourish skin, protecting from pollution and harmful environmental influences. The INARI Arctic Beauty range is formulated with carefully selected ingredients. Our skin care does not contain any chemical or harmful ingredients like PEGs, silicones, synthetic colors or fragrances. All products are vegan, organic and animal test free. First products will come to market in spring 2018. Follow us to see what's coming up!


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