INARI Arctic Cosmetics

Founded: 2017 Category: Other Consumer Goods City: Helsinki

Deceased 2022-06-29

INARI Arctic Beauty is a tribute to the secrets of the untamed Nordic wilderness. It combines the healing power of wild-picked plants with current biotechnological advances blended into the right mix for effectiveness. Some of the world’s most potent ingredients come from the pure air, clean water and harsh conditions of a single region above the Arctic Circle in Finland. The proven antioxidant-filled botanicals are an abundant source of vitamins and polyphenols; compounds that can protect the skin from harmful effects of oxygen radicals while oils and Hyaluronic acid help to increase the moisture level – for the finest skincare experience. Our mission At INARI Arctic Beauty, we want to inspire every woman to take a moment each day to celebrate her balance and beauty within. Our vision Our vision is that every woman is confident, loves her skin and is ready for the day. To do this INARI Arctic Beauty combines latest sustainable high-tech advances with the healing power of wild-picked Nordic plants found only in the Arctic to provide the finest skincare experience. The founders It’s no coincidence, that the ingredients come from the world’s cleanest environment. INARI Arctic Cosmetics was founded by two native Nordic women @sirkkuhahn and @ninastenberg, with a daring dream and an adamant ambition to create luxury beauty brand that serves a purpose and respects nature. Although they have worked in different countries and found their homes elsewhere, their hearts and souls will always live in their childhood landscapes, above the Arctic Circle. “Our philosophy is strongly rooted in the Nordic state of mind: our product range holds only the essentials, ones that we are more than proud of. INARI Arctic Cosmetics is all about effortless beauty yet functional everyday luxury.”


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