Infinited Fiber

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Founded: 2016 Category: Industrial Equipment City: Espoo

Infinited Fiber Company's purpose is to be a driving force in revolutionizing the fashion industry - both by new manmade, natural Infinited Fiber® and by building an ecosystem of other radical recycling innovators for a maximum impact. Our technology enables manufacturing new natural fibers, Infinited Fibers®, for the fashion industry needs both from textile waste and biomaterials like wood economically and ecologically. IFC technology meets demands of all the players in the fashion industry value chain: (1) Sustainable – recycled infinitely (2) Ecological – clearly better than competing technologies (3) Affordable fashion – the technology is 35% more economical than competing solutions (4) Secured availability – can replace cotton whose availability is getting limited and there are huge volumes of textile waste which can be collected economically (5) Low CAPEX – utilizes existing industry infrastructure maximally (6) Increased value for the waste – Waste management industry has intensive for building collection and pretreatment. Technology can added to any existing pulp, dissolving pulp and viscose fiber plant. For pulp and dissolving pulp manufacturers the technology enables extending the value chain as well as bringing a new alternative raw material to the fashion industry: stable pulp derivate manufactured from fashion waste. For viscose fiber manufacturers the technology enables improving the margins significantly and getting rid Carbon dioxide – the most challenging, hazardous and unecological chemical in fashion industry value chain. Business model: (1) licensing the technology, (2) technology license embedded into CCA process automation / optimization software (3) Joint venture production with present or new industry players Join the team! The more brains, the more change!


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