Kaamos Games

Founded: 2015 Category: Game Development City: Oulu

Deceased 2021-07-29

Kaamos Games is a new and passionate start-up from Oulu, Finland with fresh ideas to challenge the game markets globally. Team of seven people includes young talents as well as experienced former Nokia programmers working under the same roof with strong experience in interactive media & game conceptualization, prototyping and development on PC and mobile platforms. The team was formed within the game incubator program Oulu Game Lab (2014-2015). Later on that same team established Kaamos Games Ltd. which got selected to Finland’s first Game Brewery game accelerator program. After developing several demos and prototypes and a few complete projects for PC and mobile the company saw their competence and strength in freemium and free to play 2D platformer games for mobile devices. Kaamos Games aims to bring engaging, challenging and competitive gameplay elements to the hands of the consumers. Every game is made keeping in mind the platform specific limitations without forgetting the advantages of each platform.



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