Kide Science

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Founded: 2017 Category: Education Technology City: Helsinki

How to find curiosity for science and the natural world in everyday life? Kide Science helps 3 to 8 year-old kids get excited about the natural sciences through play-based learning, storytelling and dramatic arts. Kide Science is a research-backed, squeal-inducing STEAM education platform/pedagogy for teachers of 3-to-8-year-old scientists. Our mission is to generate the next generation of critical thinkers through high-quality pedagogy. In 2013, the founding team embarked on a five-year research journey that would irrevocably change how we look at early science education. In collaboration with the University of Helsinki, we hosted over a 1,000 young children’s science clubs, and turned our learnings into an engaging STEAM education model that meets children in an environment most natural to them: the imagination. Read more about our pedagogy – and start your free trial! – on our website:


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