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Founded: 2023 Category: SaaS/AdTech, MarTech, E-commerce City: Helsinki

Video has become the No 1 format to learn something new today, accelerated dramatically by the onset of COIVD-19. Yet learning from video content is still a very manual, slow and difficult process for educators and learners. We envision a world where active gamified learning from the best video content becomes the new norm. Our mission at Kwizie is to be the world's best AI co-pilot to transform passive video consumption into fun multiplayer quiz games. We created Kwizie because we believe the learning process should motivate the learner to engage with the latest content, be data-driven and outcome orientated with regular bite-sized formative assessments. Our aim to be the go-to platform to turn videos into fun multiplayer interactions in order to (1) boost engagement, (2) make video-based learning data-driven, and (3) optimize your delivery faster than ever before. "What drives us is our deep passion for unleashing curiosity in everyone through fun active and social learning with great content from leading experts." - Chris Petrie CEO, Co-Founder What we believe: ‍We fundamentally believe learning is essential in all aspects of our modern lives and a fundamental force for change. We also believe the more you understand about yourself and the world around you, the more you can live a happy life full of possibilities. At Kwizie, this is why we 🤍 learning!


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