Founded: 2016 Category: Mobility & Vehicles City: Helsinki

Kyyti develop the world´s first Mobility as a Service solution with on-demand capabilities. Kyyti means “ride” in Finnish and it was introduced into major Finnish cities starting in March 2017. In a very short time, the service has had tens of thousands app downloads and users. The service is dynamically priced. Customers can choose from three service categories and receive a lower price by being flexible in waiting and/or travel time. The price for all service categories is always given before ordering and is final. Such affordable pricing is based on aggressive dynamic price versus service level algorithms, shared capacity and optimized use of the fleet. Kyyti is service designed to complete the demand-responsive service spectrum. It is a wide-ranging, demand-responsive, shared-ride taxis/minibus to replace/supplement existing fixed route service, specifically for hard to serve areas currently using 12-meter buses and other large vehicles. It also serves as a genuinely less expensive taxi when viewed in per passenger-kilometer basis than most of the TNC services. Kyyti is the gateway for customers to step into the era of intermodality. Read more:


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