L7 Drive

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Founded: 2011 Category: Cleantech City: Karjalohja

L7 Drive - Electric drive made simple. L7 Drive Ltd was founded in 2011 in Finland. We design and engineer cutting edge electric powertrain technologies for markets around the world. We provide a one device solution range, to seamlessly connect battery cells and electric motors. L7 Drive’s core is an innovative battery-electric drivetrain technology that can be employed in a wide variety of electric powered platforms. The drive can be applied to a wide range of solutions requiring simultaneous battery management and motor control. It is particularly suitable for light electric vehicles such as electric bicycles, kick scooters, scooters, motorcycles and rickshaws. The L7 Drive module starts with power as little as 250W, up to 15kW. It controls and manages the whole powertrain, while storing all relevant data in its CPU that can be shared with end-user or any remotely connected server. Our technology is revolutionising the mass production of electric powertrain. Compared to the conventional approach, L7 Drive’s solution is simpler, more flexible, cost-effective and reliable, making it easier to scale. For more information, please visit L7 Drive website.



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