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Founded: 2017 Category: Clean & Green Technology City: Pori

Easily manage the water data of a property The LeakLook service is also suitable for use in larger real estate properties, such as housing cooperations, industrial real estates and commercial real estates. The service monitors the main water meter of the property and, if necessary, provides alerts about water leaks or other disruptions to water use. It is possible to link the LeakLook service to house automation and real estate information systems, whereby the water consumption data is automatically forwarded to the desired system. The first product of AQVA.IO is a service that increases household water safety. Primarily, our customers are private households, who live in single-family homes and want to keep track of their water consumption and detect any leaks in good time. The solution is not just suitable for this purpose, but also for the agricultural sector and industry. Our solution is based on the optical reading of metres, with the assistance of so called intelligent sensors. The sensor is connected to the Internet and from there to a cloud, where the information is processed. The connection of the intelligent sensor takes place without changing the mechanical meter and without touching the meter sealed by the water department. The measurement is in real time. Consumption can be monitored on the web-site, which is household-specific and where you can also obtain a written report. When the system detects a leakage, the customer receives an alert by text message or through an application installed on a telephone.



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