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Founded: 2015 Category: Games City: Helsinki

We are Game Scientists at Lightneer! We created a unique GameLab, a multidisciplinary, systematic approach to mobile games development, that allows our world-class team to take best concepts to market in just a handful of weeks. The next hit mobile game is on its way! We give our multicultural team of entrepreneurs, innovators, creators, engineers and marketeers the freedom, tools and support to create fun amazing mobile games and make a difference. Everyone in the company gets involved and we celebrate both success and failure, because failure means learning for us. We are one family with no egos or bullsh*t talk. Our values – Creativity, Excellence, Honesty, Responsibility and Having Fun – drive the company culture. We believe that mobile games can be a force of good and once we've found our hit games, we are going to figure out if we can use them to help make the World better place. We are based in Helsinki, Finland.


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