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Founded: 2016 Category: Consumer Software City: Rautalampi

Locationews is a location based publishing channel that works both as a tool for journalists (as a plug-in and template for the most widely used publishing platforms such as WordPress) and as an application that shows the content in a convenient map-based interface. Locationews consists of: A mobile application that allows users to browse through articles on a map or in a sorted-by-location list view. Features include category specific map pins for easier browsing, sliders for setting a news threshold or browsing back and forth in time, saving articles in a reading list and deep integration with social media for content sharing. Our plug-in is made as simple possible so that publishing on Locationews would be effortless for the publisher. Essentially you only need to install the plug-in and enable it in one switch and you are ready to go. Our browser version is similar to the mobile application with the exception of gps data. However a browser version allows for easier sharing and linking through other channels without the need to install any application. We have created Locationews because we think there is great value in local publishing and citizen journalism. It is unnecessary for most of these small publications to tackle all of the challenges of digitalization by themselves. We think that people would benefit from being more aware of what happens around them.



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