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World's first QR logger - Zero investment in infrastructure, fastest & easiest-to-use dataloggers on the market. Our mission has been to reduce the spoilage and waste of food, pharmaceutical goods and other fragile or sensitive products by boosting business intelligence with our distinct data logging service ever since the founding of Logmore in early 2017. When you recognize issues, you can fix them. After thorough development in cooperation with our customers and partners, the Logmore service package was officially launched at Slush 2018 with our first model, Logmore Two, designed for temperature monitoring for food, pharma and chemicals. Even more versatile, the new Logmore Three contains sensors for humidity, shocks and tilts as well. The simplified Logmore model One provides the optimal monitoring option for short use periods and one-way shipments, being the shipment monitoring solution recommended by the Association of Finnish Pharmacies. We want to make data logging so easy and cost-efficient that any company in need of cold chain or other logistics monitoring can afford and not waste a minute more on it than absolutely necessary. After all, the time and resources spent on inefficient operations has a negative effect on so many things. Smarter data logging for everyone, for the benefit of the people, the industry, and the environment. Read more at logmore.com Find us on other channels: Twitter: twitter.com/LogmoreLtd Facebook: facebook.com/logmoreltd tel: +358205304910 #logmore #knowmore #datarevolution



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