Founded: 2010 Category: HealthTech City: Vantaa

Magnasense Technologies Superior Point of Care assays utilising super-paramagnetic labelled antibodies - Magnetic Immuno Assay (MIA). Great assay performance coupled with low cost. Magnasense Technologies has developed a sensitive, precise, and elegant system for performing Point-of-Care (PoC) lateral flow immunoassays. Paramagnetic labelled antibodies enable enhanced sensitivity as the entire volume of the capture zone is quantified, unlike optical / fluorescent methods where only the surface is measured. Optics, light sources and colour reagents are unnecessary. The system extremely sensitive, while being robust, easy to use and inexpensive. Applications include human and veterinary healthcare, food purity and environmental testing and anywhere where a rapid, precise, quantitative result is required. Microwell assays and tests based on other lateral flow technologies can be readily transferred to the Magnasense Technologies Magnia® platform. The Magnia® reader is sensitive, precise and with a very wide dynamic range enabling one to obtain full benefit from the quality of the reagents used. The Magnia® reader can be easily and inexpensively modified to accommodate most lateral flow cassettes making the transfer of existing products to the Magnia® platform simple, fast and low cost. The Magnia® reader is lightweight, robust and battery powered making it a very suitable for point of care and field testing. Contact Magnasense Technologies for further information. ( We look forward to hearing from you


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