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Founded: 2011 Category: Business Software City: Helsinki

Maptionnaire is a map-based survey tool which facilitates simple and effective public participation. The online questionnaire editor allows for the independent creation, customization and publishing of survey projects. Maptionnaire enables planners and researchers to collect, analyze and visualize map-based data, as well as citizens to co-design project areas and express their preferences and opinions. Maptionnaire is used for online participation in transportation planning & mobility, social sustainability, parks & recreation, land-use planning and the built environment, real estate services, public services & the business sector, and environmental services. The story of Maptionnaire began when a group of urban planning researchers and professionals based in Helsinki discovered an emerging problem: there was an increasing need for city planners to engage the public and to get real input from local residents. Our company, Mapita, was founded in 2011 to provide a platform for anyone to create their own map-based surveys. All of us at Mapita are passionate about helping people to engage with and influence the future of their surroundings. We strive to help city planners make better places for everyone to live in. Our goal is to make Maptionnaire the best and most recognized digital public participation tool across the globe. We do so in close cooperation with our fabulous customer base, including innovative researchers and determined urban planners who wish to improve the practices of planning and public participation. Visit to learn more.


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