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Founded: 2016 Category: Business Software City: Espoo

Changing the Conversation At Mesensei we believe one conversation can change your life. Our Mesensei platform allows you to remove the noise of open networks and engage directly with your community - your contacts - in your own space. You are in control of all your interactions and your data is always secure. Mesensei provides you the space to make the right connections, where one conversation could provide endless possibility. Social media is a noisy place, full of people shouting, external advertising and questionable data management being mined for purposes often unknown. It is time for a change. Why shout over the crowd, providing others your data, when you can move into your own space? With Mesensei you can create your own bespoke network, where you are in charge. A space to ensure the right conversations, connections and messages get through to your community. Your data stays put, but your conversation could go anywhere! Mesensei gives you the power to create and own your own social network.


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