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Founded: 2015 Category: Business Software City: Helsinki

Fueling Smart Mobility. We work to improve people’s quality of life by bringing solutions for smart mobility. MOPRIM develops proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms for advanced movement recognition of people, vehicles and their mobility in smart cities. MOPRIM’s data-as-a-service solution is especially suitable for gathering and analyzing any movement related data using smartphones. Smart Mobility is achieved by connecting people and smart vehicles with the smart city and gathering and analyzing their data to fuel services. Cities Understanding mobility and traffic patterns in a city is key to developing the smart city of tomorrow. Urbanization, congestion, traffic planning and sustainability challenges can only be solved with relevant data as basis for decision making. Well-being of citizens is increased when mobility around the city is fluent and affordable and designed with the environment in mind. Humans For people going about their everyday lives, smart mobility means improved ways to move around a city. Smart public transport systems, mobility-as-a-service solutions and increasing automation all require accurate data to function. Apps that take into account user’s actual movement in real time will be more relevant and more efficient for the users. Finally, analyzing and visualizing people’s activities and movements will help them make healthier and more sustainable choices. Vehicles Vehicles are the key component of smart mobility. Cars and buses are becoming smarter, more connected and more automatic. New business models around cars and mobility increase the need to have accurate data about drivers and passengers, inside or outside the car.


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