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629. (-134) 174 -50 -22.31 % 2732443-5

Founded: 2015 Category: SaaS/Business Software City: Helsinki

DAILY MOVING MAKES A DIFFERENCE MOPRIM is a mobility data company measuring all forms of mobility of individual users and visualizing distances travelled, travel times, the carbon footprint produced, and all transport modes used. All the routes taken and the multi-modal travel chains can be also presented. We offer our Move Together Platform to companies and cities. We also provide mobility data engines for application developers. Our mission is to bring mobility solutions allowing individuals, companies, and cities to be more sustainable and citizen friendly. MOPRIM’s mobility solutions rely on proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms for advanced movement recognition based on patented technologies and continuous R&D. Our solution is especially suitable for gathering and analyzing any movement related data using smartphones and wearables in the near future.


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