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Founded: 2017 Category: Games City: Turku

ABOUT US We are myTrueSound Oy, an indie start-up, based in Finland, doing the next generation of immersive audio games. Our games are designed primarily for the blind and visually impaired; the best possible listeners and experts related to sound quality and truthfulness of the audible experience. In addition, we have created our own Immersive Audio Game Engine, IMAGE, a cost-effective tool for fast production of audio games. Our small team includes a diverse array of talent from key areas such as; audio research, the music industry, software development, and co-founder Mikko Herranen an audio engineer who has been blind since birth. To complement our audio knowledge our programmers have the passion and skills to create and implement whatever we want. MISSION Our aim is to set a new standard in Game Audio related to the quality and truthfulness of the experience, and become the market leader in audio games for the blind. We have always believed that doing games FOR the blind WITH the blind is the key to fulfilling higher standards and reaching our goal. We hope to set an example for other companies in working with #gameaudio to give them a career opportunity. GAMES Our first game, GoldGun, will be launch on 31st January 2019. It is an interactive playable role play game, where you will live the adventures of Soren, a blind policeman fighting against criminals operating in the dark web. The game contains lots of dialogues from real voice actors, and some action too. The story is a set of seven episodes, like a TV series. The second game is an audio based arcade game, called Audio Wizards. We still can’t talk much about it, but it will be very musical, and will require from the player fast reactions and good hearing in order to stop magic elements attacking from different directions. The third game, temporally called Music Maze, is an infinite runner type where also music plays an important role.


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