Nolla Antimicrobial

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Founded: 2014 Category: Medical and Healthcare City: Helsinki

Nolla Antimicrobial is a pharmaceuticals development company which licenses its proprietary Nolla silver polymer technology to biocide and cosmetics business sectors. The company is privately owned and financed. All development of Nolla technology has been funded privately. The management team of Nolla Antimicrobial consist of six members located in four countries across Europe. The experience areas of the management team are technology development, business strategy, internet operations, legal matters, market analyzing and financing. Nolla technology Nolla Antimicrobial creates silver ionomers, a very narrow group of ionic polymers with high antimicrobial activity. Nolla polymers act against many viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold species. Nolla polymers have self-organizing structures, which is the main cause for their unparalleled antimicrobial performance. Nolla is the only fully polymeric silver. Its capabilities offer remarkable benefits to multiple application areas. Nolla technology also provides a platform for developing pharmaceuticals for the treatment of dermatological conditions. Company's business sectors - Technology license sales to biocide and cosmetics businesses. The company cooperates with other businesses by licensing Nolla technology and production know-how. The Nolla license enables global production of over 30 products, several of which have already been market tested. The Nolla product range grows steadily. - Nolla Polymer sales to licensees. Nolla is sold in liquid form to licensees. The company has a state-of-the-art production facility in Helsinki Science Park, Finland, equipped with two reactor lines for production of biocides and cosmetics grades. - Pharmaceutical development projects. The company has several ongoing early-stage pharmaceutical product development projects. The first public drug development program is against Tinea Pedis (athlete's foot). -Industrial applications of Nolla technology


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