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670. (+71) 162 25 18.21 % 2873801-5

Founded: 2017 City: Helsinki

From Compliance to Performance Excellence! NordCheck reduces compliance risks, automates compliance processes, saves customers time and money. Regulation and Compliance demands are growing year to year. Corporations struggle with being compliant when utilizing huge amount of data and information in different processes. It is not enough that a single point of information silo or IT application is compliant alone. Compliance must cover all corporate functions and processes. Cost of Compliance is growing simultaneously with risk of being non-compliant will have a huge financial impact for corporations. NordCheck solution operates over award winning M-Files platform utilizing Intelligent Metadata Layer architecture and Artificial Intelligence for automating compliance operations with all customer processes and functions. NordCheck is an M-Files Spin-off and focusing only to enter compliance market with ICT service providers NordCheck is helping customers to manage compliance strategy, demonstrate and report and manage compliance and risks real time with all corporate processes. NordCheck is building an M-Files based solutions ecosystem combining industry solutions like GIS (Geographical Information System) and EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) for holistic Compliance solution for enterprise customers. NordCheck is focusing on compliance in different business verticals and is securing high-end support and customer satisfaction together with global System Integrators, Technology partners and Compliance service providers. NordCheck Holistic Compliance solution is supporting management of enterprise wide compliance needs for companies having both Industry standard and legacy IT solutions in all industries. NordCheck is an M-Files Spin-off and was founded in 2017 by Board members Janne Järvenoja (Chairman), Kai Linnervuo and Esa Kanninen.


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