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Founded: 2022 Category: Mobility & Vehicles City: Tampere

Oinride Oy is here to disrupt the $1 Trillion dollar industry. Our mission is to revolutionize the underground mining operations utilizing robotic solutions, and make the industry more sustainable. We have big plans for the future! Our robotic solution can safely and effectively navigate hazardous environments such as with Mining Underground. Our mining robots will be equipped with advanced sensors, navigation systems, and AI capabilities to successfully maneuver complex terrain and handle hazardous materials. This will allow for greater efficiency and safety in these difficult environments. Additionally, our robots will be designed to communicate with other robots and systems, allowing for greater coordination and enhanced productivity. Our robotic solution is suitable for rough terrain environments (Underground, Security & Defense, nuclear waste, Mojave Desert. battlefield, etc.). Let’s work together to minimize the need for human presence in harsh environments, hence improve safety and increase productivity.



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