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Founded: 2012 Category: Health, Fitness and Sports City: Espoo

Omegawave specializes in the development of training and performance management solutions, providing athletes, teams and coaches a faster way to maximize results while avoiding injuries and overtraining. With our products, athletes can quickly, non-stressfully and non-invasively assess how their body is responding to previous exertion while gaining insights to optimize their next training session. Routine Omegawave assessments can be fluidly integrated into any training process to provide coaches with real-time data and crucial physiological information about their athletes. Omegawave products are currently used by multiple Olympic Federations, premier soccer teams, franchises from the NFL, MLS, NHL, and MLB as well as by numerous other sports organizations and individual athletes. After devoting fifteen years to the support of so many world-class competitors, in April 2014 Omegawave was recognized by the UK-based Sports Technology Awards as the developer of the ‘Best Performance Technology for Elite Athletes.’


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