Founded: 2013 Category: Hardware & Devices City: Helsinki

Deceased 2021-08-31

Oviku Ltd is founded in 2013. Oviku Inc was founded in 2014. Oviku Ltd has strong knowledge and expertise related to locking systems and other security systems from year 1979. We are interested and we develope products to the future of security and smart home industry as well to global environment. Our main goal is to improve exterior door environment in mechanical and smart solutions to protect people more ease comparing existing solutions. We research and innovate different opportunities and ways to improve security for solutions that already exist. We develop and think hard how to make them work even better. In Oviku Philosophy. Good Design doesn’t only look good, it feels good it works perfectly for all. Good Design needs to be usable and practical. Oviku Ltd patented and patent pending locking systems meets these standard and increases your security and its feel. With these products you are able to lock different space, real-estate and apartments. No matter if you want to lock kindergarten, school, home or where there is exterior or inner door, we can offer you a solution that no one else can. Innovation for our exterior doors is mechanical and smart lock solution that improves your security from out side. Simple as it should be.. All our products are retrofitting to existing locks. Every product has been thought that can be replaced by your self. You don’t have to use locksmith if you don’t want to. Oviku Ltd patented door handles, knobs and exterior door locking systems are ease of use and secure innovations for lock bodies gives more security to you, loved ones and for your goods. That’s the most important to use. www.oviku.com info@oviku.com



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