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124. (-12) 508 -28 -5.24 % 2840821-9

Founded: 2017 Category: SaaS/Other Business Software City: Helsinki

Passwork makes corporate passwords easy. All of the data is stored safely, and employees will quickly be able to find the right passwords. The administrator manages user rights and keeps track of all actions and changes. General Features 1. Safely store passwords • Modern encryption algorithms AES-256 and RSA • All data is encrypted in a browser • The data stored on the server cannot be decrypted • Two-factor authentication Google Authenticator 2. Work and collaborate • Invite teammates to vaults and folders • Users always see the relevant passwords • Log on to web sites in one click • Modern and clear interface 3. Manage your company passwords • Set custom permissions for passwords and folders • Track all activities and roll back to old password editions if necessary • Find unsecured, old, weak and other compromised passwords • Import, export, drag ’n’ drop, tag, search, and more! Self hosted edition — Cloud edition —


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