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Founded: 2012 Category: Other Consumer Goods City: Turku

Our story Founded in 2012, Plantui is a Food Tech company that believes gardening can make the world a happier and greener place. We believe that gardening can be made easy and accessible. And with that we have made it our mission to bring everyone their own piece of happiness - their own garden. Because everyone deserves happiness and because everyone deserves a garden. The company began planning a beautifully designed growth platform for indoor hydroponic gardening. The leading principle of the work was to ensure successful growth for the plants. The first product, Plantui 6 hydroponic indoor garden, was launched in 2014 in Denmark and Finland. In March 2015, the highly regarded international Red Dot Design Award was granted to Janne Loiske for the design of Plantui Smart Garden. The award has boosted the marketing of Plantui Smart Gardens to retailers in Europe and Asia. In 2016 Plantui's hydroponic indoor gardening method received a global patent. In a Plantui smart garden, you grow Plantui seeds packed in ready-to-go plant capsules with all the nutrients needed. We launched our product with a selection of 30 plants. From the very beginning our selection was versatile from familiar salads to edible flowers and Asian herbs. Today we offer two different smart garden platforms, accessories like boosting light blocks and more than 40 different plants to grow. We continue to expand our selection further: we have just launched chilies to the market and at the same time we test tomatoes and strawberries in our laboratory. There will be a sprouter tray available in 2019. Last year we became partners with BSH in Germany, who launched their Bosch SmartGrow products based on Plantui technology in September, 2018. We hope for this partnership to deepen in 2019. Plants are our passion. We study them continuously with the help of our network boasting expertise in biology, botany and greenhouse technology. We're making the world greener one Plantui a time 💚🌱


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