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Founded: 2012 Category: Other Consumer Goods City: Turku

Plantui is a Biotech company with a passion of plants and a mission to inspire everyone to be a gardener. With this mission Plantui has designed an award winning beauty: A smart indoor garden that will enable consumers to grow greens 365 days a year. With its sustainable nature (hydroponic, no peat no soil) it is perfect fit for all urban gardeners. Licensing the technology Plantui technology has been developed to optimize the plant growth and nutrient density with special light algorithms tailored for each growth phase. Plantui’s patented solutions can be used to build a small, hyper local indoor gardens, but also a larger scale urban city farms. For parties entering the small indoor gardening market Plantui can offer a high quality white labelling solution including design, production and product support. See case Bosch: For urban city farmers Plantui lighting algorithms and light recipes can be adapted to increase the yield, vitamin levels (+400%) and post-harvest shelf life and organically tailored growth results.* Global patents: Device for Hydroponic Cultivation WO/2015/144815 Hydroponic Indoor Gardening Method WO/2015/144812 Ratified also in China Plants Plants are our passion. All the technical development we do have a one goal. To produce maximum yield, superb quality, excellent taste and nutrient-rich plants. We study them continuously with the help of our broad network boasting expertise in biology, botany and greenhouse technology. Join us in making the world greener one Plantui a time 💚🌱


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