Platform of Trust

Founded: 2019 City: Espoo

Deceased 2024-01-24

Platform of Trust serves both businesses and cities that aim to utilize data in developing their service, solutions, and processes. Our promise: Data from any system or environment into any solution or interface in a trusted way. Platform of Trust consist of the following elements: 1. The Data Platform A vendor-neutral platform uses only universal technologies and allows you to securely exchange data between applications and systems. Our platform harmonizes all the data so that you can concentrate on using the compatible data where ever you need it. 2. The Trust Engine An authorisation mechanism lets you manage your data and the usage of it. It also makes sure that the data you receive is trustworthy and complete, that it moves as promised and that the data providers are who they claim to be. 3. The Marketplace A global online marketplace allows you to distribute, buy, and sell data, applications, and services. 4. The Developer Community We believe that the power of developers in the business world is increasing and want to provide developers a flow state experience while using our tools. We invite developers to test us out and give us brutally honest feedback. Platform of Trust is a subsidiary of Vastuu Group.


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